Mill Run, PA — June 12-18, 2022


Between ancient trees and on moss-covered surfaces, plaster walls and glass windows, we’ll set up camp. And in this forest, we’ll collaborate. In- and out-of-doors. Through and behind, above and below, with and without a trace. To be. Thoroughly. Wilder.

Forest and building, non-human and human, wilderness and civilization; these and other dualities will emerge as we shift between realms.

Kitchen or fire pit, studio or bare ground—bewilderment, collaboration, and inquiry will continue.

We invite you to breach the boundary between the familiar and the unfamiliar. Let’s lead ourselves out of our human-centered worlds and into the forest—and then back again.

“If a straight line is the shortest distance between two fated and inevitable points, digressions will lengthen it; and if these digressions become so complex, so tangled and tortuous, so rapid as to hide their own tracks, who knows—perhaps death may not find us, perhaps time will lose its way, and perhaps we ourselves can remain concealed in our shifting hiding places.” —Italo Calvino